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Welcome to CocoMangas, your ultimate destination for all things related to lounge bars. Whether you’re a connoisseur of craft cocktails, a fan of live music, or someone who simply loves the ambiance of a well-designed lounge, CocoMangas is here to be your guide and companion.

Our Story: CocoMangas was born out of a passion for discovering unique and extraordinary lounge bars around the world. Our journey began with a group of friends who traveled extensively, always seeking out the best spots to unwind and enjoy a drink. We realized that there wasn’t a dedicated platform that covered the diverse and dynamic world of lounge bars comprehensively. And so, CocoMangas was created to fill that gap.

What We Do: At CocoMangas, we provide in-depth articles, reviews, and news about lounge bars from every corner of the globe. Our team of writers and bar enthusiasts is committed to bringing you the latest trends, hidden gems, and must-visit spots. Whether it’s a rooftop lounge in New York City, a beachside bar in Bali, or a cozy speakeasy in London, we’ve got you covered.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple: to be the most trusted and comprehensive source of information for lounge bar enthusiasts. We aim to create a community where readers can share their experiences, discover new places, and enjoy the ever-evolving lounge bar scene. We believe that a great lounge bar is not just about the drinks, but also about the atmosphere, the music, and the people. It’s about creating memorable experiences.

Meet Our Team: Our team is composed of dedicated writers, photographers, and bar aficionados who share a common love for lounge bars. Each team member brings their unique perspective and expertise, ensuring that our content is diverse, engaging, and informative.

  • Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Jane Doe – Jane has traveled to over 50 countries, exploring the best lounge bars and nightlife each destination has to offer. Her passion for discovering new places and sharing them with others is the driving force behind CocoMangas.
  • Senior Writer: John Smith – With a background in mixology and a keen interest in bar design, John brings a wealth of knowledge about cocktails and the intricacies of creating the perfect lounge environment.
  • Photographer: Sarah Lee – Sarah captures the essence of lounge bars through her lens, providing stunning visuals that complement our articles and reviews.

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